Starting his career as a still photographer in the 80’s, Randy laid the creative foundation for moving into the wonderful world of cinematic digital video in the 90’s. Through years of experience, experimentation and education he has created his own unique and stylized look. He is well known for his flair and finesse with the camera coupled with spontaneous and emotional, sound bites. He regards himself a "Video Artist" and considers the computer editing of his productions as his canvas on which he will paint the picture of your day. He is a true innovator who has raised the art of Videography locally as well as internationally.

In a WEVA article featuring Randy, he was quoted as saying "What a great business to be in! There is nothing more important than memories; it’s the first thing people laugh about, and its the first thing people cry about. What a range of emotions we are responsible for! Our job is to capture and harness that sequence of moments that becomes a memory. How great is that? Love and memories are all you really have in the end, and some of the most precious memories of one’s life are on their Wedding Day. We should all be proud to be in a business that specializes in preserving and even enhancing family memories. So my favorite part of wedding video is that we not only get to document one of the most important days of a person's life, but we also get to create a family heirloom whose value rises with each passing year and with each generation. Basically, we are family historians! I am very proud to be in this business."

Before producing his multitude of WEVA Creative Excellence Award-winning wedding videos, Randy was a bartender in college; a windsurfing instructor; a teacher's aide for educationally handicapped children; a still photographer; and he ran a Golf Cart tour business in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He also currently is proud to be a new crew member on the infamous 51' all teak/mahogany sailboat "Brushfire", owned and Captained by Craig Mueller. This boat was featured in September 2005's Sailing Magazine.