These unsolicited excerpts were taken from the WEVA forums!

Hi Randy,
My name's Rick.  Earlier this week I purchased your training DVD's "Sounds Like Creative Video" and "Ordinary to Extraordinary". They arrived yesterday.  My wife and I are so impressed!!!  I'm so blown away by the volume of knowledge that I'm learning from these dvd's!!! The training dvd's are phenomenal to say the least!!!! 
Oh YES, your project is by far definitely "WORTHY"!!
There was absolutley nothing I didn't enjoy in the dvd's.  Right now I'm overwhelmed (good thing) with all the new ideas to use in future weddings!
I thought the best part of the dvd were the samples of shooting techniques & styles: self portrait, cheating on white balance, shooting to shadow side of face, and especially time lapse effect.  I found this section of the dvd to be priceless training!!!
The entire set is without a doubt, "worthy" and worth watching over and over!!!
Take care, 
Rick Billings

I purchased your instructional video's about 4 months ago. I have watch them 4-5 times. I think there awesome and extremely helpful. Again thanks for making the instruction video's they were informative
and fun to watch.

Lance DeMoss

I just finished "Ordinary to ..." and it was great! At the conclusion I was left with that same feeling I had when I was a teenager and saw Eddie Van Halen for the first time. There was a part of me that kept saying "Just burn your guitar. You're never going to be able to do it."  I took it on a trip with me this past weekend and watched it 3 times.
Thanks again for the great videos and I can't wait to see your next one.

Thanks again,

 I viewed Ordinary to Extraordinary again and amazingly each time I retain something from it.
Your editing talents are  extremely tasteful.  Whatever you produce, I will be first in line to buy!!!   

Thanks for sharing your talents,
Keith Davis
 Braselton Productions
Atlanta, Georgia

I just received and watched several times and probably will watch several more times your Ordinary to Extraordinary Vo. 1 & 2, and Sounds Like Creative Video. Just wanted to say thanks for putting together such a great training DVD.

Thanks again-
Terry Hopkins Productions

I just purchased your 2 tapes from "The 4EverGroup" and enjoy them tremendously.  In fact, I have watched them 4 - 5 times.  I'm new to the videography business and enjoying some success;however, i am interested in "pushing the envelope" as you say. 
Again, thank you for sharing your expertise.
Joe Euculano

Wow, what a great perspective.  You are inspirational.  I really like your style and edits. 
Joey Fox


Now, I am not against caption words or graphics. The best example I have seen is the work of Randy Stubbs, who chooses one or two words with an appropriate visual, to highlight the meaning of something said in a sound bite or content, for example, "Commitment." Check his tape series, they are the best I have ever seen…full on invaluable info on sound and video.

Just purchased Randy Stubbs tapes- a veritable feast of ideas. Best purchase I made all year. Thanks Randy.

Randy...Your tapes are the best that I have come across. The approach was fresh and worthy of emulation. I had the pleasure of using some of the techniques presented in your videotapes and the results were more than inspiring. I must say that you have changed my life forever in the way I will shoot and edit my Weddings, and I say thank you. I know this approach will earn me more money and the level of the production will be increased..Thanks again!


..."I agree with Tim, Randy Stubbs gave an excellent seminar. The best of the show in my opionion. In fact, probably one of the best in WEVA history! I purchased his tape which gives a list of good questions to ask."

.."I agree that Randy Stubbs tapes are a good investment. Because they really show much, much more than merely what questions to ask, they demonstrate creative ways in which to use the answers. This can really be a lot more helpful than just asking the right questions, although obviously they each go hand in hand. Hey, the guy won CE awards in 6 out of 9 categories (I don't think he entered the other 3 ) so he must be doing something right."

The tapes from Randy Stubbs, Art Polin, and David Robin are certainly not to be missed. They will expand your horizons for sure. I also like the short books by Polin and Stubbs that accompany their tapes.